S4 Maths Revision

Mrs Mason's pupils are asked to do past papers and work from books.

Secret Math of Fly Eyes Could Overhaul Robot Vision

Maths 'failing bargain hunters'

The fastest mathematician on Earth

Mrs. Mason


All S1 groups are working on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, looking at connections between them and also how to use them in real life situations. 

Ms. Bruce

S1 The class are currently learning about angles: naming angles, drawing angles, measuring angles, finding the size of missing angles.



Mrs. Skinner


(example)This class is on topic 3 "Fractions". We will have a test next week (example content, no real test!)



About the Maths Department

Maths is taught by Ms Bruce, Mrs Mason and Mrs Skinner. S1 classes are mixed ability. S2-S4 are set by ability.

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