About this Website

This website is powered by the Drupal content management system. It runs on an Apache webserver with a MySQL database backend. The server hosting the content is part of a shared hosting plan. If other websites on 'our' server are busy, this site will take a performance hit. Mostly this is not a problem.

Drupal is freely licenced software, released under the GNU General Public Licence. The software itself can be obtained free of charge. Various companies around the globe offer Drupal installation and support services, or you can set it up yourself if you are prepared to read the (straightforward) instructions.

None other than the mighty IBM corporation rate Drupal very highly among CMSs.

Drupal is very flexible, offers excellent internationalisation support, good control over users permissions, excellent community support forums, hundreds of contributed extension modules and a rock-solid core. Internally, the PHP coding is of clean design, implementing an object oriented design without using the overhead of PHP classes - instead this is acheived by a hook system implemented via functions. Should you wish to write your own extensions, the hook system makes this very easy, once you read the module writer's guide!

I thoroughly recommend it to any school seeking to grow a website with the fullest level of involvement of their pupils and staff.