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Term 3: 2012

In January we will be writing a story that links with our Viking topic. We will spend a lot of time thinking about the sequencing of events in a story and interesting adjectives.


Term 3: 2012

The children will continue thier Viking topic until the end of January. We've had a great time learning about them so far. Stephen Renwick came to visit us and let us look at lots of artefacts and he let us make our own coins that we got to take home.


Term 3: 2012.

The topics covered this term are:

* Multiplication and Division
* Money
* Weight
* Symmetry
* Fractions


Spelling will be given out on Fridays and taken in on Thursday.
Children are asked to complete two pages linked to their spelling words and to practise thier spelling words every night until they are prepared for a spelling test on Thursday. If children would like to extend their learning they are asked to find other words with the same spelling rule. They can write these new words at the back of their spelling books and points will be given in class for correctly spelt words on the spelling wall at the end of every week.

Maths will be given on Mondays and taken in on Thursday.

Reading homework is given 2-3 times a week.

Parents are asked to check homework diaries every day and inital or sign homework and comments to show that they have seen them.

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