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Biology Standard Grade is taught by Mr Morton. It is a two year course that studies plant and animal life and is divided into seven topics. Each topic is assessed during the course with the final Standard Grade examination being at General and Credit level. You can easily find a economics essay writer that will suit your need and writing tastes better For this you have to go through the registration at

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Biology Class PhotosBiology Class Photos

Biology Course Topics and Subtopics

Course content is organised in seven topics:

  1. The Biosphere
  2. The World of Plants
  3. Animal Survival
  4. Investigating Cells
  5. The Body in Action
  6. Inheritance
  7. Biotechnology

Detailed breakdown is as follows:

  1. The Biosphere
    1. Investigating the Ecosystem
    2. How it Works
    3. Control and Management
  2. The World of Plants
    1. Introducing Plants
    2. Growing Plants
    3. Making Food
    4. The Carbon Cycle
  3. Animal Survival
    1. The  Need for Food
    2. Reproduction
    3. Water and Waste
    4. Responding to the Environment
  4. Investigating Cells
    1. Investigating Living Cells
    2. Investigating Diffusion
    3. Investigating Cell Division
    4. Investigating Enzymes
    5. Investigating Aerobic Respiration
  5. The Body in Action
    1. Movement
    2. The Need for Energy
    3. Co-ordination
    4. Changing Levels of Performance
  6. Inheritance
    1. Variation
    2. What is Inheritance?
    3. Genetics and Society
  7. Biotechnology
    1. Living Factories
    2. Problems and Profit with Waste
    3. Reprogramming Microbes

It is always interesting and useful to keep up to date with developments in the world of biology and science in general - try the links section and the biology news section.

Current S3 Biology

Jan 2012. Body in Action - the ear.

Current S4 Biology

Revision for the Prelims! In the room you will be able to find
1. Revision notes for the five topics we have completed so far.
2. Revision books to borrow.
3. Past Papers (free to write on yellow ones).
4. Help from your teacher!

Good luck - You are all doing well!

Biology Links

The following links should be of interest to biology pupils and their parents.

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Biology Revision Links

The following links should assist you with revision: - interesting coursework. - Bitesize from the BBC - digital past papers.