Bullying Report

In line with our anti-bullying policy, the school is constantly looking to promote positive behaviour and to bring an end to cases of bullying. This form may be used to report a bullying incident. Note that we will need to contact you. We will not accept anonymous reports at present. Other resources which may be of interest: Respect me website, Childline website

You must please give us your name so that we can discuss with you (in the manner of your choosing)

Please give us your second name.

IF you are a pupil, please tell us your class. If you are not a pupil, please ignore.

Please tell us how you would like to be contacted.

Briefly describe the situation here, or if you prefer, leave it until we talk to you.

According to the Education Act, a school may investigate and act on pupil behaviour in or out of school, when that behaviour may be having an impact on the life of pupils within the school. Tick as many as you wish