Chemistry Department

Welcome to Chemistry

Welcome to Chemistry. The Standard Grade course is taught by Mr N. Finlayson, and is a 2 year course for S3 and S4 pupils. The course is available at General and Credit levels and is a mixture of practical and theoretical work. 15 topics are studied over the two years and they are listed below.


1.Introducing chemistry.                                      9. Reactions of acids                                               

2. The speed of reactions                                   10. Making electricity

3.Atoms and the periodic table                           11. Metals

4. How atoms combine                                      12. Corrosion

5. Fuels                                                            13.. Plastics

6. Hydrocarbons                                                14. Fertilisers

7. Properties of substances                                15. Carbohydrates and alcohols.

8. Acids and alkalis


 The course also specifies a number of practical techniques and investigations which must be completed as part of the assessment over the two years.


Links:  - An excellent revision website which pupils are encouraged to drop in to throughout the course.