Superheavy Element 114 Confirmed

"Murder" Investigation at the School

On Thursday, 3rd September, Chemistry pupils walked into the lab to find a murder scene, sectioned off by yellow tape, and a Crime Scene Investigator on hand to catch "Gary Green" through fingerprint

Welcome to Chemistry

Welcome to Chemistry. The Standard Grade course is taught by Mr N. Finlayson, and is a 2 year course for S3 and S4 pupils. The course is available at General and Credit levels and is a mixture of practical and theoretical work. 15 topics are studied over the two years and they are listed below.


Looking for clues in the footprint

Looking for clues in the footprint

Dusting for fingerprints

Dusting for fingerprints

3rd and 4th year chemistry pupils worked with Crime Scene Officer Helen Pepper, who was visiting Shetland as part of the Wordplay 09 festival.

Single molecule's stunning image


Chemistry is available only at General and Credit levels

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