School Aims

Our overall aim is to provide a secure and pleasant environment in which all children may gain the maximum benefit from the areas of educational experience judged appropriate for their participation.

In school we try to bring out in all our pupils:

  1. The development of knowledge and understanding of their personal social and emotional health, and of the social and physical environment.
  2. The acquisition of the widest range of skills.
  3. The development of attitudes and values, which are acceptable to our society, including moral values, which are of the highest standard.
  4. The ability to play an active part in our complex modern society and to cope with the demands it creates.

The school endorses the National Priorities as established by the School Improvement Framework introduced through the Standards in Scotland's School Act 2000.

Priority One - Achievement and Attainment

Priority Two - Framework for Learning

Priority Three - Inclusion and Equality

Priority Four - Values and Citizenship

Priority Five - Learning for Life