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Welcome to the P2/3 webpage.


Term 4: 2010

This term the children will focus on:

* Functional writing

* Reading for information and reading for enjoyment

* Listening and talking in pairs, asking questions and talking to an audience.

On Tuesday mornings Miss Tate and Miss Manson teach P1,2 and 3 basic french. Topics covered are:

* numbers
* body parts.


Term 4: 2010

The topic this term is Minibeasts. If the children find any pictures, books or information at home related to this topic they are welcome to take in their findings and share them with the rest of the class.


Term 4: 2010.

The topics covered this term are:

* Numbers to 100(P2) 1000(P3)
* Money
* Fractions
* Time
* Weight


Please check homework diaries for reading tasks.

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