Tamil Nadu

Mr. Morton and Mr. McLeman have travelled to the Village of Tharangambadi in Tamil Nadu, India to continue our work with the pupils and staff in our link school - Hope School.

Their broadband internet connection was set up this week allowing Mr Morton and Mr McLeman to facilitate - for the first time - communication between children in each school which we hope will allow them to learn about each others way of life. Find the questions asked by Hope school pupils and the responses from pupils in Sandwick on the link below.

They have also been able to use the website to post images for everyone back in Shetland to see what the area and the school is like. See the image gallery below where photos are being added whenever the power supply and broadband allows them to! Note the photos run onto more than one page.

They are joined by Tamil Nadu Shetland Skills Exchange volunteer Laura Singer.  When at home Laura works as Youth Volunteering Development Worker at Volunteer Centre Shetland, part of Shetland Council of Social Service. 

Training has taken place this week that will allow pupils and staff in the Hope Foundation school to add material to the Sandwick School Website too.