Modern Studies

Welcome to Modern Studies

Mr K Johnson, with Mr B Obama

Modern Studies is the study of politics and society, both in the UK and internationally. There are several Modern Studies units in the combined S1/2 course, and it is currently offered at Standard Grade level in S3 and S4.

At SG level, it covers a range of topics across four syllabus areas:
1) Living in a Democracy - Elections, MPs and MSPs, Local Government, Trade Unions, Pressure Groups.
2) Changing Society - The Elderly, Families in the UK, The Unemployed.
3) The USA - The Land and the People, The American Dream, Inequality in the USA, Politics and Government in the USA.
4) International Relations - The Politics of Aid, The UN, The EU, NATO.

Modern Studies is a good subject for young people who have a keen interest in current affairs and understanding the world they live in. It is assessed wholly through a written exam which takes place at the end of the course. The ability to retain knowledge and produce logical, structured written answers is therefore a huge benefit for candidates.

If you have any queries about anything regarding your son/daughter's progress in this subject, don't hesitate to contact me at the school.

S3 Modern Studies

S3 have moved on to a new syllabus area, the USA. They ahve learned about the reasons for American society being so diverse and are now looking at the ethos of 'the American Dream' and the contrasting reality of life in the USA.


S4 Modern Studies

S4 are looking at the role played by the European Union. In particular, they are examing the mian advantages and disadvantages of membership, the roles and institutions of the EU and possible future expansion of the EU.

Facebook and Google+ Study Group Trials

Modern studies and physics departments are trialling the use of social networking for setting up study groups.