Business Studies Department

Business Management

Alan Sugar

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Alan Sugar

Feel like you've got what it takes to survive the Dragons' Den?



Then Business Management needs you!

The course gives you the chance to develop much-needed skills required to work in the fast-moving and challenging world of business.

The course is divided into four areas of study:

What is business?
How do businesses develop and perform?
What resources do businesses use?
How are businesses managed?

Throughout the course you will gain confidence in the use of ICT to handle, present and interpret data.  This involves use of:

  • word processing;
  • databases
  • spreadsheets - for doing business accounts;
  • presentation software - practise giving your Dragons' Den-style pitches;
  • desktop publishing - advertise your business
  • the internet - research your competitors, etc;
  • simulations - practise running your own business with sport4life and  - running a sport shop and a stationery business.

Aims of the course

To develop your:

- understanding of business activity and how businesses use their resources.

- understanding of how people contribute to businesses.
- skills in decision making.
- ability to use business software.


Throughout the course written and marked work will be carried out where appropriate.

A 3rd year exam is sat in the last term of S3. This does not count to the final mark but gives the pupil an indication of their strengths.


Knowledge and Understanding and Decision Making is assessed in an exam at the end of S4.

A Practical Abilities assessment is carried out in S4 where students set up and run a business using simulation software.  This is assessed internally.

Other Information:

This course provides a foundation for progression to Intermediate or Higher Business Management.

The course is relevant to anyone wishing to eventually progress to a career in:


Accountancy, banking, Civil Service, Economics, Finance, Management, Insurance, Marketing, etc.