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S2 Food Trials

S2 have already had a French breakfast this week. Which they all enjoyed, pain au chocolat, croissants, baguettes with nutella and jam, brioche and hot chocolate. (Check out the photos below)


 In 2 weeks time they might not have such big smiles on their faces with paté, smelly cheese, french sausage and snails on the menu.


Watch this space for some photos!!Laughing

Exam Information

EXAMS and PRE-PRELIMS - it is all go this term!.

French Intermediate 1 Exam: 24 May 2012

Paris Trip

The Bi-Annual trip to Paris took place between from 3rd – 10th June 2011 with 17 pupils accompanied by Mrs McNicol, Mr McNicol and Mr Harpé.

Madame McNicol's Classes

In S1 a number of topics are covered, ranging from Self, Family, School life, Hobbies, Home life and Holidays.

S2 focusses a little more on grammar and building on topics already seen in S1.

S3 will be working through the Intermediate Course.  The course is topic led but also has a lot of cultural aspects to it. This allows them much more freedom in the choice of topics they study.

In S4 pupils contiue to work through the Intermediate Course and start working towards Intermediate 2 level work.  This is similar to the work done in S3 but in more detail.

Find a Penpal

If you are interested in finding a penpal, try out this new link where you will find friends from all over the world.

French Game Websites

There are LOADS of websites available to you which can help build up your vocabulary and even practice your grammar.

About French

Mrs McNicol

Learning a second language while you are school is so important in your future skills for life.

S1 - Plan of Work

S1 Term 2 and 3

Pupils have been learning how to say what they do in the free time and what sports they enjoy.  They have done a project on different French sports people and researched how much training is needed, the daily routine and what success they have had. 

Pupils then move onto talk in detail about where they live, from the area, type of house, rooms in the house, things in the room and where things are.  They look at the differences between houses in France and Scotland.

S1 - Term 1

Pupils start off by revising some of the vocabulary they have been learning in Primary school.  Then after a couple of weeks we move on to being able to talk about school and new subjects.  We give opinions on subjects and teachers and see how the school day differs in Shetland compared to France.



S2 - Plan of Work


S2 Term 2 Oct - Dec and 3 Jan - March

S2 have been looking at the body in French and what can go wrong with us.  We have created lots of different monsters using all the different body parts we have learned about.  After doing some role plays on being at the doctors and the chemists we are now about to start on the best topic of all FOOD.  During this topic, we will be sampling different food from France and seeing the differences between the French eating habits and ours.

S2 - Term 1 Aug-Oct

S2 spend the first couple of weeks revising basic French, before moving onto more complicated grammar structures.  We start off learning the past tense so that we can talk about what we did during the summer holidays and at the weekends. 

Then we move onto talking about our daily routine.  This introduces another type of verb call the reflexive verb.  We will be studying this topic and then doing a presentation about it.  We shall also be looking at how the French daily routine is somewhat different from our own.



S3 - Plan of Work

S3 Terms 2 (Oct-Dec) and 3 (Dec - March)

We started off term 2 by comparing the differences between living in France and in Shetland.  We researched different festivals, traditions and created a powerpoint about it.  Then we moved on to looking at asking people out on a date and what kind of different activities we can do.

Term 3 started with us preparing for a Speaking Nab by working on language for a role play at the shops, either buying food or clothes.  So we have learned that in France sizes are very different to here.

S3 Term 1

S3 starts off looking in quite a lot of detail at family and friends and relationships.  We learn about the qualities of friendship.  We decide what characteristics make the best relationships and what problems might occur in family and friend relationships.  We then move on to learn about the area where we live and the advantages and disadvantags of living in the town or the country.  This part of the course involves some project and research work.



S4 Projects of Choice

Some of the cooking results! The Stade de France preparations

While half of the French class are enjoying their school trip to Rua Fiola, the rest of the class had to chose themselves a project to work on. Some decided to research some French receipes that they could follow and make over the next few lessons. We had lots of different things on offer from Soups to Tartes. All pupils chose their receipe in French and then followed the instructions themselves. Have a look at the photos to see some great results. Others were sticking with the World Cup theme and chose to make a 3D model of Le Stade de France. I have been corrected, it is LE PARC DE PRINCE!!!! not the stade de FranceLaughing

World Cup

the new S2's with the World Cup mascott Zakumi

For all the latest news from the French Football Team, click on the link below:
The new S2's have enjoyed studing the world cup in French. They have learned about the different countries taking part, the flags, the languages spoken, different transport needed to travel to South Africa and of course about Zakumi and the World Cup song.



The Laftas