Tamil Nadu 2010

Welcome back to Tharangambadi

I arrived in India in the early hours of Tuesday morning and after a quick look around the new school, took the morning to settle in to my new home. On Thursday I was welcomed to the school by Kohaly who I last met 5 years ago in the temporary shelters when she was in the nursery! We then had an assembly with dancing and question time from the pupils. there were lots of interesting and well thought out questions including what differences did I see in the people and the village in the 5 years and what were my favourite fruits and foods!

The children also had loads of questions about Shetland and I can't wait for the 2 schools to connect up again.

Friday was a holiday for Ramadan and so Sam and Lizzy tookn thy if and their children to visit a mangrove conservation area and to the beach at Poomahar. It was great fun and I learnt a lot about mangroves from the very knowledgeable boatman. Do you know how the new trees grow? I do now!!


Images from Tharangambadi

Miss McElvogue's Diary

Welcome to Tamil Nadu

Here are a few notes on happenings here in Tharangambadi. (I have just got here, so please check back!)

Hope Pupil Diary


Looking at website photos

I have been sitting with a group of students looking at the photos of Sandwick on the website. They are really excited about getting connected with Sandwick and say HELLO to John and Ewan! Last exam for them on Monday (Geography) and then clear time to do some internet work.

Hello from P3/4

Hello Miss McElvogue, we just wanted to let you know that we have been reading about your adventure on the website. It sounds amazing. We liked the picture of the person dressed as a bird. Hope to hear from you again soon. From P3/4