French Exchange 2007

Bonjour from Angouleme

Well we arrived last night at 7pm after a totally hassle free journey! apart from Jack and Mr McNicol nearly being arrested - thanks very much Mr Morton (more on that story when we return!)

It was great seeing our penpals again so soon after having said goodbye to them.  We said our bonjours to everyone then went off into our own families for some food and bed! phew!!!!

Today we had a tour of Angouleme - I will add some photos if I can! Then we headed back to the school for our three course lunch.  This afternoon some of us have been in classes with our penpals while the rest of us have had a French lesson (that is why we are here after all!)

The weather is nice 23 degrees when we arrived last night but a little cooler this morning although the sun is shining.

We will be in touch again soon. Mrs Tonge and Mr McNicol



Departure imminent

Well the time has come - we leave for Angoulême on Saturday.  We will spend a night in Aberdeen before taking the plane on Monday morning to arrive in Bordeaux 16h30 that same evening (hopefully!!!) 

Each day we will update the website with photos and details of what we have been doing so stay tuned to stay informed!

Apparently the weather there at the moment is 20 degrees so we look forward to coming home in 2weeks time with nice suntan!!



Wow - can you believe it's that time of the year again already!!!!

There are 15 S4's taking part in this years Exchange. Things are going to be slightly different this time around. The French pupils are going to visit us in Sandwick first. They will be arriving on the 18 September for 10 days. Hopefully they will have some good weather while they are here this time!!! We will be returning the visit on the 8 October also for 10 ten days. We have a long list of activites lined up for when they come and visit and hopefully another fantastic dance to end the event will be planned.

For now we are busy trying to come up with ways of raising money. Ideas such as bag packing, sponsered swims and Sunday teas are underway.

I'll keep you updated!! Au-revoir for now.

The French Exchange trip departed Shetland on Saturday 30 September 2006 returning on Saturday 14 October 2006.

12 S4 pupils are travelling to Angoulême near Bordeaux where they will be going to school and living with their French penpals for 2 weeks.

In November, 12 French pupils will come to Shetland, where they too will live with their Shetland penpals and come to Sandwick Junior High.