Sandwick and Hope School Work Together

Sandwick School staff John Morton and Ewan McLeman arrived safely in Tharangambadi and are totally enjoying their time there and working hard!We have had a wonderful welcome from the staff and pupils. Hope School is a very special place. At the moment Hope Staff Lizzy Sammuel, Sammuel Thomas and Rani Sabu are being shown how to post content on the Sandwick School website. We have so much to write about we just don't know where to start. Expect lots of information and images to appear in the Tamil Nadu Page as the week progresses.



Tamil Nadu

Hello to Ewan and John in Tamil Nadu.  So good to see your photos and all that goes on at the Hope School.  It looks like you're really busy and thoroughly enjoying every minute.  A big hello to Lizzie and Yasotha as well. 

Look forward to more photos.

Jane Sinclair

Sorry about the delay in

Sorry about the delay in publishing your comment. I forgot to check the comment list over the holidays!


Up and running

Good to see the internet connection up and running - that answers some of the questions from Chris & me.  Think of us back here in the "unseasonably mild" temperature of 13 degrees.

school meals

I am glad to know that you have arrived safely.  It would be really good if you can tell us what pupils get for school dinner at Hope school.  It will be interesting to analyse a typical meal and compare nutritional value with our school dinners.

thankyou, take care and watch the sunburn!

Mrs T

Thank you for the update. I

Thank you for the update. I have put this page under the Tamil Nadu page. You can do that by going to 'Outline' after submitting the post.
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