History SG Homework

Welcome to History. Please find the homework below.


  • Enquiry Skills practice pages 4 -6 for pre -prelim complete for Thursday first week of new term
  • Friday 2nd March Towatds Democracy questions on pages 47 - 49
  • Friday 23rd February redraft essay on railways credit assignment
  • Friday 16th February 1hour's homework using open learning pack on technology of railways
  • Friday 9th February I hour's homework using open learning pack on coalmining /black book
  • Friday 2nd February test on railways Make sure you take your revision notes home .
  • Friday 26th January I hour's work using open learning homework pack on social /economic effects of railways / black book


  • Easter Revision - Pupils have enquiry skills pack to complete . They also should be using revision notes / books to revise topics . Regular revision in small quantities is best .


  • 1919-1923 Read pages 13 -22. Do the questions on page 17 and page 22
  • Friday 23rd February Chapter 6 in core texts 1923 Hyperinflation
  • Friday 16th February chapter 7 questions in core text book The Munich Putsch 1923
  • Friday 9th February read over all notes discussed in class Weimar republic & Putsches 1919 - 1923 .
  • Friday 2nd February Ensure all questions up to the Spartacists in core text have been completed