Readathon 2006


Pupils kept busy last term by reading as many books as they could and in return gather sponsor money for 'The Roald Dahl Foundation' and 'The Sargent Cancer Care For Children. Altogether they have managed to raise £159.30, so well done to everyone who took part and to everyone who sponsored them. Each partcipant has been awarded with a certificate for their excellent efforts.

The Charities
The money raised by Readathon is donated equally to CLIC Sargent and The Roald Dahl Foundation, who between them spend it primarily caring for children and young people in the UK suffering from cancer, Hodgkin's disease, leukaemia, epilepsy, blood disorders or acquired brain injury.  
Where the money you raise will go
ClIC Sargent Cancer Care for Children
Reg Charity No: 256435
CLIC and Sargent Cancer Care for Children merged in January 2005 to become the UK's leading children's cancer charity. Both have a rich history of excellent care and support.
Together, CLIC Sargent is both stronger and more effective providing more for more children and young people with cancer and their families.
CLIC Sargent, the UK’s leading children’s cancer charity, wants to see a world where all children and young people with cancer live life to the full.
For children with cancer and their families, CLIC Sargent fund care professionals who deliver clinical and emotional care and support.
We offer support to families who are in need of financial help, as cancer can carry a financial burden, with additional travel expenses and un-paid leave from work.
CLIC Sargent also provides a free support service to teenagers, empowering them to cope and understand what they are going through, during treatment and after.
We run Homes from Home close to paediatric oncology centres around the UK allowing families to stay together during periods of treatment giving them much needed breaks from the hospital environment.
CLIC Sargent funded research aimed at improving treatment and care.
CLIC Sargent will be there for each family caring every step of the way. For further information please go to:
The Roald Dahl Foundation
Reg Charity No: 1004230
Roald Dahl was the honorary chairman of Readathon from 1988 until his death in November 1990. In 1991 his widow, Felicity, started a foundation in his name; the Roald Dahl Foundation’s grants aim to help children and their families in a very direct way, so it seemed natural for Readathon to help support it.
Readathon money is used by the Roald Dahl Foundation primarily to help children and young people suffering from blood disorders, epilepsy and the after effects of acquired brain injury.

Typical recent grants and projects include:
• New Roald Dahl Epilepsy nurse specialists in Portsmouth, Bolton and Gwent.
• A family support worker for children with an acquired brain injury in Northern Ireland, and their families.
• Books in Braille, on tape, on CD and touch and feel books for children with a visual impairment.
• Nursing care in their own homes for children with life-limiting neurological conditions
• Small grants to children with a blood or neurological condition where extra financial help is needed, for travel to hospital, clothing or bedding, telephone bills and for sensory equipment and specialist toys.