S4 History Revision

Class 4 History should be reading over the handouts given out this week in class. All are important for the exam.

S4 English Revision Mrs. Malcolmson

Class 4A have their folio assignments from Macbeth which they can begin looking at, after the English exam, if they have free time in between other exams and if there are further school closure days.

S4 Music Revision

1st Instrument - Prelim early February. Make sure your programme is ready.

2nd Instrument - This needs to be ready and recorded asap.

S4 Computing Revision

Please see the resources on the computing page. This is a direct link to the various computing revision resources.

S4 Chemistry Revision

Pupils should log on to username: sandwick
Pupils should hopefully know the password.

S4 Geography Revision

Visit The Standard Grade Geography Revision website at

S4 Physics Revision

Pupils can all tackle past papers from the SQA website.

S4 Home Economics Revision

S4 Home Economics homework has been issued and published in the usual way. Direct link:

Home economics page:

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