Mrs. Mason


All S1 groups are working on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, looking at connections between them and also how to use them in real life situations.  The first year groups will also be looking at Sequences before Christmas

1A are working on Surveys and their presentation. This will involve doing a survey for themselves and presenting their results by hand and using ICT


The group are revising and progressing their knowledge of whole numbers, working with powers, roots, primes, factors, multiples and negative numbers.


Max, Joe & Jaryyd are working on Quadratics. There will be a test on Mon. 9th Nov. Next they will look at Trigonometric Graphs and equations. This group are invited to join the S4 Monday afternoon revision club.

The main group are looking at negative numbers, with a test on Mon. 9th Nov. Next topic will be 3 dimensions.


S4 are working to complete the last few topics of the course. These include Trigonometric equations and Standard Deviation .

It is recommended that pupils start revising previous topics in preparation for the Prelims in January.

There will be a Monday afternoon revision club starting on November 9th (3:30 - 4:30 pm).