S2 - Plan of Work


S2 Term 2 and 3

S2 have been looking at the body in French and what can go wrong with us.  We have created a huge monster outside the French classroom made up of body parts which we all designed without knowing what the others were doing.  It results in it having a huge green head, purple hair and four legs and arms.  The feet range from frog feet to little stilleto shoes! 

After doing some role plays on being at the doctors and the chemists we are now about to start on the best topic of all FOOD.  During this topic, we will be sampling different food from France and seeing the differences between the French eating habits and ours.

S2 - Term 1

S2 spend the first couple of weeks revising basic French, before moving onto more complicated grammar structures.  We start off learning the past tense so that we can talk about what we did during the summer holidays and at the weekends. 

Then we move onto talking about our daily routine.  This introduces another type of verb call the reflexive verb.  We will be studying this topic and then doing a presentation about it.  We shall also be looking at how the French daily routine is somewhat different from our own.



The Summer Term

New S3 are now starting to look at Paris, the capital of France.  We are learning about all the different tourist attractions and how to travel around.  We are also learning how to read a metro map!  At the end of this chapter around the end of May, pupils will do a powerpoint presentation on a particular tourist attraction and tell the rest of the class about it and how to get there.


This Term

S2 we will be looking at parts of the body and illness and cures for a couple of weeks before moving onto the next chapter which is all about FOOD.  In this next chapter pupils will get to taste some French food and learn about different eating habits between Shetland and France. 


Currently S2 are creating their family trees, ideal or real. They are drawing their family tree and adding photos or pictures of the real people or celebrities they want in their famiy. They will then write a paragraph in French to describe their picture. They have just finished learning how to talk about their daily routine using reflexive verbs.