S1 - Plan of Work

S1 Term 2 and 3

Pupils have been learning how to say what they do in the free time and what sports they enjoy.  They have done a project on different French sports people and researched how much training is needed, the daily routine and what success they have had. 

Pupils then move onto talk in detail about where they live, from the area, type of house, rooms in the house, things in the room and where things are.  They look at the differences between houses in France and Scotland.

S1 - Term 1

Pupils start off by revising some of the vocabulary they have been learning in Primary school.  Then after a couple of weeks we move on to being able to talk about school and new subjects.  We give opinions on subjects and teachers and see how the school day differs in Shetland compared to France.



Summer Term

The new S2 are now starting to look at how to talk about where they live and describe their house in detail.  We we be learning lots of new vocabulary and at the end of the chapter around the End of May they will be expected to do a talk IN FRENCH about where they live.


This Term

S1 willl be studying sports in French.   They will be learning how to talk about sports they enjoy doing and be learning about what types of sports are done in France.  We will be looking at hobbies and other leisure activities aswell. 


Currenty S1 are looking at how to talk about their school day in French. They can tell you what subjects they study and what they think about their timetable, what they think about their teachers and what they do in a normal school day. S1 have also started looking at present tense verbs. They have made labels in French for all the classrooms in the school, which they will put up next week.