Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the School

On the last week of this school term, we are celebrating the school's 25th anniversary.

During the week, there are going to be a number of activities happening around the school.

On Monday, 5th, a photo will be taken of all the pupils in the school. Then, the teachers will have theirs taken separately. The photos will be taken on the football pitch.

On Tuesday, 6th, there will be a concert and drama for everyone in the evening.

On Wednesday, 7th, there will be an Open Day for people to come in and look around the school.

On Thursday, 8th, there will be a Pupils' Day for doing whatever pupils want to do. It will be their choice - not the teachers'.

Finally, on Friday, 9th, a plaque will be put up to commemorate when the school was opened. Also, it's the last day of term.

(Reporters: Ben, Cairn, Jamie - S4)