Homework for Mrs. Malcolmson


  • Thursday 15th March Close Reading Skateboarding Questions 1-9
  • Thursday 8th March Solo Talk (2minutes ) You must use planning sheets Topic :Pets/Animals Refer to Assignment Sheet
  • Thursday 22nd February Handwriting Work sheet
  • Monday 12th February - My Terrible Crimes (10)
  • Monday 5th February- complete summary, comparing film & novel Out Of The Ashes
  • Monday 31st January Using the internet or resource books research the topic Foot and Mouth Disease


  • Thursday 1st March Solo Talk (2minutes )What is it like to be a teenager ? What are the good points ? What are the bad points ? Pre -reading in class " We are not a Sub - species " Lois McNay. Video, Teen Commandments
  • Thursday 22nd February Solo Talk ( 2minutes ) Choose one of the themes from the novel and explain why you think this is an important theme for the novel to explore.
  • Thursday 15th February Language Task : Read extract from A Kestrel Of a Knave Worksheet - Identifying Language Of Control


  • Wednesday 28th February Solo Talk (2minutes) Who is to blame for her death ? Imagine you are the coroner at the inquest. Read the fact sheet and present your case to the jury .
  • Thursday 22nd February bbc.co.uk GCSE Revision English Literature Drama
  • "An Inspector Calls" Read notes online on character and themes .Complete test bites and hand in printout
  • Thursday 14th February General Close Reading Paper Elephants
  • Wednesday 6th February Critical Evaluation essay on Stone Cold
  • Monday 29th January Finish questions on Stone Cold , pages 9 -11 in workbook


  • Easter revision Pupils have credit and general close reading papers to complete , plus writing paper . Read relevant advice sheets
  • March re-drafting final folio pieces
  • Monday 26th February Critical Evaluation Short Story Lamb To The Slaughter
  • Friday 16th February Discursive essay must be handed in, plus plan.