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Site upgrade completed

An upgrade has just been completed to the core system of the website. Along with tests and so on, this one has taken 2 hours to complete, but everything should be working.

Inserting images into pages and stories

The school website now has an added facility to help you add images directly into pages or stories. This facility can be accessed by teachers when editing a page on this site.

Security update applied

I have just finished applying a security update to the website's Drupal engine. Also installed some additional image handling facilities for staff.

Website CMS Upgrade

The underlying content management engine for the website has been upgraded this evening, along with a handful of additional modules. This *may* cause some issues - if you are affected please see CTMcG

School Website Guides

Clip Art

NB. When using third party content, credit must always be given. Please respect licencing terms and any copyright restrictions. website. The clipart there is free of charge and Freely licenced - it can be used for anything, including enterprise activities. If you create any nice clipart yourself, you may choose to add it to clipart. The clipart embedded within the Open Office productivity suite is free of charge and Freely licenced (under LGPL). It can be used for any purpose. The clipart online there is free of charge, but not Freely licenced. The licence appears to give conflicting advice on what you may do with the clipart. First, you may download it, provided you have bought relevant software from Microsoft. According to this part of Microsoft's licence, it can be used in 'documents and project that you create', however use in enterprise activities is forbidden. It is forbidden also to use Microsoft's online clipart in 'book' type posts. (This has a different licence from the bundled clipart that comes with MS's office suite- see below). In another section of that licence from Microsoft it is forbidden to use their clipart on this site: "unless you have a reseller contract with Microsoft that permits you to do so" (publication on this site is redistribution). From this I am not sure whether or not you can legally use office online clipart here.

Microsoft Clipart Gallery: This clipart comes free of charge with Microsoft's Office suite. It is not Freely licenced. The licence terms for this say that it is not permitted to redistribute this clipart. Therefore it may not be used to create worksheets etc. for giving out and certainly not for posting to this site. Pupils are allowed to use it in 'their' work, although it seems that doing so then removes the pupils' right to distribute copies of that work.

Most other clipart galleries do not permit redistribution! Please check their licence terms.

For unfettered use, try or any clipart licenced under 'Creative Commons - Share Alike' or 'GNU FDL '.

Audio Clips

An extensive range of audio clips that you may wish to use in publications or worksheets is available from Freesound. They are free of charge and Freely licenced. These may be used for any non-commercial purpose on this website.

More audio clips are available from ccMixter under similar terms to the above. (Some permit commercial/enterprise use)

Staff Guide

This area also hosts the staff guide to adding content to the school website.

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