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Canoe and Camp Expedition 2007


Many thanks to all the participants of our Canoeing and Camping trip.

Any old computers?


We are on the lookout for old computers that parents or anyone else might like to donate to the computing department.

School Aims


Our overall aim is to provide a secure and pleasant environment in which all children may gain the maximum benefit from the areas of educational experience judged appropriate for their participatio

Ski Trip - Italy

Latest news from the Ski trip is that all pupils and staff are well and enjoying the experience. Lots of skiiing with reasonable weather. Yesterday (Wednesday) was foggy but good other than that.

Schools Service Internet Advisory

Shetland Islands Council has issued an advisory letter concerning specific internet hazards to our school pupils that have recently come to light. This letter has been sent home with pupils and is attached here for your convenience.

Camping Group

The camping group has a tremendous selection of photographs on a previous website.