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Canoe and Camp Expedition 2007


Many thanks to all the participants of our Canoeing and Camping trip. We had an excellent time and were lucky with the weather, getting a scorching hot Thursday whilst we floated around the sea between the islands of Scalloway. There can't be many days in the year where the conditions at sea around Shetland are so roasting. Too hot!

Here is what we did. Loaded two catamarans and a trimaran at Hamnavoe pier on Burra. Paddled over to Oxna, passing Robie's point and running ashore at Sandy Voe. We had a spot of lunch here and Sophie found an excellent possible camp spot due west of here around the shores of a picturesque loch. Departing Oxna, we set off for Papa where a little beach-combing reaped some great finds, including a game of quoits, loads of good rope and what Sophie found. Ask her.

From Papa to Cheynies for short explore whilst Mr. Bicket and Mrs. Tait snoozed on the grass. On to Hoe skerry where we picked up a few fish boxes and a football. Boiled in our wetsuits by this time, we headed for Hildasay passing between the Hogg of Linga and Hildasay, travelling a kilometre north on Hildasay's east side. We pulled in at the pier and searched for a campsite.

We found a fair spot, not as nice as Sophie's campsite on Oxna, but good enough so we set up camp. Most of us went off for a west coast of Hildasay coasteering session with Phil - no massive jumps but some good jumps nonetheless and a little swell to add to the excitement. A good coasteer for sure.

Tea. Fry up in a bun. Mugs of Tea.

Fire by the beach at Tangi Voe. Marshmallows. Jousting and wrestling contest. Calum plus somebody else victorious.

Breakfast. Fry up in a bun. Mugs of Tea. Sound repetitive? Just give me fry up.

Strike camp, load canoes, paddle to Langa. Lunch on Langa. Coaster session with Phil around south-east corner of Langa. Not particularly exciting as no jumps and difficult jagged rocks. Paddle home to NAFC Marine Centre pier at Scalloway.

Great fun, cheers.

Selection of photos